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Very Interesting Person Breakfast

This is a new group.

This new group needs its founding members, a brave few ready for something new and very interesting. 

Read below and then we can talk. 👍

There is so much networking etc going on in the world that having a group that is actually different and not focused on business feels like an exciting road to take.  

You see, creating groups where the calibre of the people is so high that I might not get in is very exciting. Not knowing exactly where it will take us is the very definition of an adventure.,


Entry requirement is simple, you should be a little in awe of us and we a little in awe of you. If you think you're in the wrong room its probably the right place to be.

You see this is not like anything you have experienced, it's not networking and its not coaching and there is nothing required of you at all. No homework, meetings or things to do after, once we're finished - we're finished. How refreshing!

A breakfast for Very Interesting People is a chance to hear from other very interesting people tell you a story of their choosing. Stories to make you laugh & cry, to inspire, to scare, to motivate, be insightful and a whole lot more. The point is it must be interesting.

We eat a breakfast, we listen and we talk. This group will create meaningful connections over a shared experience listening to a very interesting person. I feel that the connections will grow and flourish into so much more and that is the adventure. 

So who are these very interesting people I hear you ask? Well, I have a short list of VIP who are willing to tell us all, bear their soles warts and all. 

Each speaker will give us with something valuable. An insight, knowledge, motivation or maybe a new system what ever it is there is a takeaway that can be actioned. Then its down to you to take action if you wish.


If this has peaked your interest then we should talk. 

£75 mnthly

English Breakfast

Typical Format.

45 mins Interesting Talk with breakfast

30 mins Discussion/Questions/Coaching

15 mins Wrap up

We meet every first Tuesday of the month from  8am to 9.30 at the Crown and Thistle Abingdon, Barn Room.