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Sticky Business

1 day course


Sticky business is a day for solopreneurs and small business owners who find themselves stuck and not sure how to get unstuck. Leaving it and hoping it sorts it's elf out is one way to go or you could take a good look at your business and make the changes necessary to unstick yourself.


The fascinating thing is that most people get stuck with the same challenges at similar times, I know this because I have been there several times and have coached many people though it. 

This course will give you the methodologies you need as well as the tools and the ability to take take action, We might even get things moving on the day. 


👉 Not enough clients. 

There is an assumption that more clients = growth, I disagree and will show you why. What if you could do less and earn substantially more. 

Stop marketing and start answering questions. 

Create clients don't win them - never ‘close’ anyone. 


👉 I can't get past a certain amount of income.

The results you are getting are perfect for the system you have created. You will see how you have been holding yourself and your clients back whilst convinced you are doing the right thing by them.  What got you here wont het you there.


👉What do I do next?

Would it surprise you that no one knows. 🤷‍♀️ In these early stages we bounce and ricochet along leaning into the limiting beliefs we are telling ourselves and listening to the soundtrack of our lives. 


How can you know what to do next unless you are helped, shown, guided, advised, encouraged, motivated and supported?


👉 I am burning out and it's never going to work.

Truth is you have created yourself a job with the toughest boss in the world, maybe earning less than minimum wage and probably with no holidays or real breaks. It might be time to build the business you dreamt of when you started to actually do what you set out to do with courage and excitement.


👉 It might all go wrong and I fail. 

Yep it might, I don't know you don't know, no one knows. All I know is that trying and patience are a great recipe for success in building your created life and not resting into a default life. This is the point, it's an adventure and inherently adventures have a lot of twists and turns.

👉 Am I good enough to go onto the next level?

Probably not yet but why would you be. A new tennis player does not go onto win Wimbledon after 1 year or so of playing the game. The thing is you don't need all the answers or confidence and certainty, you just need some courage and a direction to head off in and the right people around you. 


The Sticky Business course gets to the heart of the challenges and unpacks them, shifts your perspective, and shows you how to make the changes you desire. You will go deep into your thinking to remove the stickiness bit by bit and come to understand that everything you want is closer than you think. 


So, if any of this resonates with you and you are ready to make the changes and head off in your direction with courage and excitement the this day is definitely for you. 


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