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Updated: Apr 26

Coaching has always been there used as a tool and shows up in many areas of our lives. It just goes by different names, advising, teaching, leadership, mentoring and many more. Being coached by someone can be life changing it has the power to change perspectives and teach new skills and not least, free us from our deeply held fears. Coaching is without doubt powerful. But.... there are problems.

Quite honestly I don't know all the challenges for everyone and I am 4 years into my journey as a 'coach' with still a lot to learn even though I am approaching 800 hours of coaching. However, I do recognise that the problems with coaching are real and hold many clients and the coaches back.

So what are some of the problems?

  • It is really difficult to value the results of the work before it begins and feel secure in the outcomes. We value services based on the results and getting the outcomes we want and expect, but coaching has zero guarantees. It cant have guarantees. If there are no guarantees and many variables it feels hard to invest into which is reasonable.

  • Now lets add to that underlying issue that not all coaches are created equal and some get results and some don't and everything in-between. Some coaches have life experiences and insights they coach and others have learned knowledge and qualifications and again everything in-between. I'm not criticising either, its just makes it harder for someone to make sense of who is the best choice for them.

  • Pretty much no one has a budget for coaching. It is all too easy for coaching to feel like a cost and not an investment and many people do. If it's not budgeted for as a part of business it makes the decision to have a coach that much harder. It often finds itself in competition with other things that are not coaching.

  • Now for the big one, how much should you pay. The truth is that I dunno, what you should pay but what I do know is that the more invested into coaching you are the more you will invest into your experience. I'll explain - When something is free or feels a low amount of money you will be happy to blow it off, rearrange, not show up and worst of all not commit or play full out. On the other hand when you pay an amount that feels uncomfortable and prickly we turn up fully, we are completely committed and ready to play at our highest level. You see no one likes to admit to themselves that they have spent a prickly amount and then done nothing about it and wasted it and definitely wouldn't tell anyone else about it.

  • Coaches trying to hard to create big epiphany moments. I have done this myself to be honest, trying so hard to coach rather than listening and being happy to be myself and serve. When a coach tries too hard to force massive moments and they then become the last thing that occurs. This leads to judgements from the coach that they are right and the other person is wrong creating a bad relationship. At no point in this scenario does it serve the client.

Even with the problems, coaching is a growing industry with more and more people seeking coaching. In fact I read recently its the 2nd fastest growing industry on the planet, which blew me away. Also, really encouraging that this thing called coaching is growing and people are getting the benefit of it.

Thing is there are many things wrong with coaching, so why bother? What's the point in being coached if there are so many problems?

Coaching is glorious and life changing, that's why you should bother with it.

You see, coaching really does have the power to change lives for the better and make massive shifts in perspective that changes everything, Life was one way, there's a conversation with a coach and life now looks a different way. The magic, for me, is that coaching creates courage and commitment for people to do what they never thought they could.

I am a coach, of course I am going to say its life changing! Not because I say it is therefore its true - but because I have witnessed it over and over with the superstars I work with and how coaching has changed me and my life.

Although there are problems with coaching I recommend you seek it out, find that person who will make the difference in your life and go for it. Commit fully and play full out.

Dave Greenaway

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