Putting your prices front and centre.

Updated: Mar 15

In the age of social, the internet and people's desire to research it is time to put your prices on your site. And not just your site get your prices into all your literature physical and digital assets. I can hear you saying, yeah great Dave but that doesn't apply to me because my prices 'all depend'. If that's you then you need it the most. Let me explain why! Your customers are searching and researching and studies shown that over 70% of a buying decision is made before they speak to the business. Point is customers our want to be educated before they decide to buy. So the responsibity is on us to give them what they want. All customers have questions, and there are always the same questions no matter that industry or sector like - How much does it cost? Will it work? How long until? And so on. You will know what questions your customers ask, this is where to start. Answer those transparently and honestly. Hold nothing back. Back to it all depends… If it all depends then you explain what it all depends on. Draw some typical scenarios and examples to demonstrate to the customer. Show how prices go up and down and why. Tell them all about it! When it depends educate your customers on the options, pros and cons on who might select one thing over the other. Here are the most common fears of putting prices out in the big world. Scare customers off:

Might do and good. Just saved yourself and them a lot time. Yeah but I build value, im a value based business I hear you say. Be honest, if your out on price for that customer no amount if value will change their mind, the number will always be too high.

My competitors will see my prices.

Yep, just like you look for theirs and probably know them anyway. Don't worry about them, they don't pay your bills.

I like to talk to customers first to build value. Imagine if you could build value with customers who already know what to expect as a price. Value is important but don't over estimate its power to change someone's mind. Have you ever felt that feeling of speaking to a potential new customer and they are interested, keen and it all feels good but you know the big question is coming. You try to build as much value as you can, explain benefits and features then they ask…. Sounds great so how much does it cost? Your mouth drys up, you swallow you look away and mumble a number and hope to high heaven they are ok with it but really are expecting the 'oooh thats more than I expected'. Recognise that feeling? Now imagine knowing before you have spoken to a potential customer they already understand the price, why it's that amount and how it works and have already accepted it in principle because they had already read it. Now you are serving, not selling, you are a trusted advisor not a sales person. The relationship is better and they are far more likely to buy. The thing is to just write honestly, transparently warts and all about your pricing. And if your business is not a fit for someone make it clear. Let them rule out. Educate the readers openly and watch your business change for the better. In fact it can be the miracle you are waiting for. I've Got Your Back. David Greenaway.

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