I quit alcohol and I'm out of the herd.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Not 1 drink since Christmas eve 2016. I am really proud of myself and love talking about it as it always gets a reaction and I do love a reaction.

However I do find myself having to follow-up that statement very fast with 'I didn't have a problem I just had enough.' That is the truth of it and in society we often attribute someone giving something up because they had a problem with it. It does take people a moment to think about it 'you must of had a sip, or 1 beer?' Nope not a drop has passed my lips since that night.

What I unconsciously realised is that alcohol makes us do and say stupid things and I have people and things in my life in not willing to loose or hurt because of alcohol. If you want to stop drinking find and focus on whatever it is that you are not willing to risk losing or hurting.

Over the years I have felt the peer pressure to have a drink and I have often wondered why. If I had quit heroin I doubt very much that anyone would egg me on to start again, so why is it ok with booze. Then I realised that its more about them and their realisation I am outside of the herd and they don't like it. It makes them take a look at themselves and have to justify why they drink. Its easier to try to get me back in the herd rather than them quitting alcohol and joining my small herd. What has been strange is that I don't miss the alcohol or the pub, honestly I'm not bothered at all and certainly don't feel the need to get 'hammered' on a Friday and Saturday night anymore.

So what's all this got to do with business I hear you ask, well its all about the herd mentality and how people follow and want to be in the herd even though they might feel its not good or right for them. It can be all to easy to do what everyone else is doing in business and assume that's what will make them successful, I would argue its just the opposite. Going against the grain and getting off the fence is a good thing. You see, if you do what everyone else does you probably wont even get what they have. Copying and replicating everyone else in your sector is a race to the bottom and as more and more followers take the same actions the results become diluted. It takes one courageous person to sperate from the herd and go in a new direction and be at the crest of change. When everyone has copied you and diluted it again, guess what....remove yourself from the herd again, rinse and repeat.

You know, what I love the most about this approach is that you get to be really creative and experiment with new ideas and ways of working and continue to test yourself and stretch your comfort zone further out. I have a simple philosophy about how to go about creating and separating from the herd...make s**t up!! Literally make it up, enjoy it make it yours and get it out in the world.

You see following the herd feels safe and acceptable and doesn't create awkward social interactions or conversations. For example not accepting a glass of champagne at a wedding for a toast when lemonade is fine. I had quite a to-do with a waitress at a wedding who just couldn't understand I am fine to toast with lemonade and didn't want any champagne.

In todays crazy and noisy world of constant bombardment of all types of media it's more important than ever to separate from the herd and be ok with it. If you want to attract the right clients, charge more and build a flourishing business then get out of the herd and do business your way. Conformity is and will always be the enemy of growth.

Thanks for reading.

David Greenaway

Nov 2021

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