I hate you Dave.

Updated: Apr 28

These words are said to me more often than you would think. Sometimes several times a day!

But they are always said with a big smile on their face and with love.

Thing is, secretly I love hearing it. The meaning under the words is of light bulb moments, insight, and a shift in perspective something that has landed and changed their way of thinking forever.

These are the moments that stick with us and update our thinking to the latest version. Through the course of life, we build narratives for ourselves and they very quickly become the way we see ourselves. When we see ourselves one way it can be almost impossible to see how that will ever change as we attach it to our personality and do not recognize it is a false narrative that we continually breathe life into.

These false narratives are almost always negative and hold us back, keeping us stuck for as long as we will tolerate them. The lies we tell ourselves are as hurtful to us as they would be lying to loved ones. However, we manage to keep the lie up and believe the stories more and more, until we are happy to just say 'That's just who I am!' The full acceptance of a bad habit is not an actual characteristic that defines us.

When we give in to the 'That's just me" story and surrender to its power over us we are accepting deception and lies into our lives - which on any level cannot be good for us. Right!!

Whilst, wrestling with this myself it has become clear that as this update in our thinking happens a new world opens up. A world of possibility, optimism, hopefulness, and contentment. The type of world that lessens a reaction to a 'bad' thing and stabilizes the feelings of stress and anxiety. A way of thinking clearer than ever before and allowing you to become even more you, the best version of you that might have felt missing for most of your life.

When your dreams are now possible and the past is no longer like a bungee cord tied to your back only letting you get so far no matter how hard you run, there is hope. Hope is underrated in my opinion, we all need a little hope in life. Imagine if you update your thinking to a new version and cut the bungee cord of the past - What would you do?

As you are aware I am not a psychologist or any type of doctor in any way the only qualification I have on this subject is that I am human and have a brain. Oh and I am working it out for myself all the time and therein lies the success, I am working on it taking steps all the time to master it.

Why would anyone choose false narratives and lies over true freedom and hope?

So when a client tells me they hate me, I know they are on their journey to taking away the bars and locks of the prison that their mind keeps them locked in. They are finding their freedom to think bigger and clearer, hope for more, be happier, and go after their dreams. These are the true moments of joy in the work I do!

Get in touch with me and see how fast you can hate me. Dave 😁

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