Get off the Fence before you get splinters.

Updated: Mar 2

In life we find ourselves sitting on the fence a lot. You know the times we really don't know what we think and trying not to upset someone with our opinions and thoughts we know to be a bit spikey so we stay firmly seated on the fence, getting splinters.

Saying nothing is safe, right?!

Business more than ever is asking for people to get off the fence and stand for what they believe in. It not only requires courage on our part but has a counterintuitive truth that acts like a magnet to others who have similar thoughts and have been too scared to share them.

Over the years I have found myself going against the grain of traditional business practices and questioning many of the continually repeated strategies and methodologies. Honestly, I don't know why I naturally have always had a spikey point of view? Although I do know its not just for the sake of it, to get a rise or create conflict. It comes from a place of truth and how I see the world as weird to some as that might be.

There has never been a better time to be crazy weird, to own who we are, say what we think and be who we really are. Its a time to not have to say stuff just to agree, to agree just to avoid tougher conversations or to be apathetic because the alternative is too hard.

As business people its time get off the fence and speak our truths into the world.

One of the areas that always sparks a fun conversation is my dislike of goals and goals setting. WHAT!! I hear you cry.

Yep, I don't set goals and I cannot bear the mention of SMART goals. And if anyone adds an IE on the end I want to scream. Point is I'm off the fence, I hate goals and I'm ok with it!

What is it you want to get off the fence for? I'll give you a clue its probably the thing you think there is no way you can talk about let alone own as your truth and be proud if it. These spikey points of view often attract criticism and disagreement and feels pretty counterintuitive doesn't it.

It's ok, it feels this way because it is counterintuitive.

Getting off the fence doesn't need to be based in hard fact or necessarily evidenced but it does need to be something you are prepared to defend. You cant wait for everyone to agree with you before you talk about it as that time will never come.

When you get off the fence and talk about your points of view there is a learning that happens, a rounding of your own thoughts that develops the more you talk about it. The fact I am writing this article is helping round my thoughts to be become more robust and considered with every word I type.

What to do to get off the fence.

  • Make a list of the things you want to get off the fence for in your business sector. However big or small you think they are write them down.

  • Write a paragraph or two on each and interrogate your thoughts and experiences. These are not to be inflammatory for the sake of it, they need credibility and for you to be committed to the POV and be happy to defend.

  • What are the ones you think most people would disagree with and you are passionate about. These are probably the POV that you feel most uncomfortable sharing, that's the clue you are in the right place.

  • Now write fully about your POV, get off the fence and teach as you learn. You see its ok to be learning as you are teaching. Write your truth and tell the world what you think.

  • Share it and see! Put it out there and see what happens, the worst thing is someone disagrees with you - that's ok it means you are on the right path.

The point of all this is not to get 100% agreement from people - it is to start a conversation and engage with people and see where that takes you next. Its only through conversation and discussion that opportunities are created and opportunities is what many of us desire.

David Greenaway

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