How much does a business coach cost?

Updated: Apr 28

That's a big question and it's a tough one to answer not least as it's a service and is subjective. One coach may be perfect for one person but not the next.

So many service businesses operate in the world of ‘It all depends’ and then set about trying to explain why they need to talk to you first. I get it!

However, I also understand that most of us want to have information and questions answered before we speak to anyone at a company about their services.

The thing is no one wants or likes to be sold to and they are likely thinking that if I speak to a bunch of coaches one of them will sell me something. Yep, I would agree, and then it's not about how good the coach is and if they are a fit - it becomes how well they can sell their services.

This is what makes it all so variable with a good measure of subjectivity thrown in for good measure.

Any clearer yet?!?!

Some coaches have a certain client group or sector they like to work with eg. start-ups, CEOs, tech, finance, and, many more. Then there are those of us who will work with anyone as long as they are a good fit.

Layer on the coach's experience, qualifications, and knowledge as well as what they are offering in what format and you have got a big old confusing marketplace where there seems to be a lot of options.

I get it, so what can you do?

If we know many coaches are operating at different levels and price points, the first thing is to understand what you are prepared to invest in. Mostly this is a monthly amount and in my experience, no one budgets for coaching so get real about what you are willing to invest.

Now you have a budget and you go looking, my hand on heart opinion is to find out what other clients say about them. Start there! No matter the qualifications, experience, or knowledge if people get results and have an amazing experience then that coach could be worth talking to.

Once you get a feel for the style of the coach, what they help with and how they go about it, and how much they charge it's time to get a call with them. Most offer a Free call or similar, so take it. Having a call is no obligation.

Each coach offers something different here but the point is you need to meet them before making that decision. A good coach, in my opinion, will be auditioning you as much as you audition them. The good ones are looking for the right fit and want to be inspired as much as they inspire you.

You see coaching is a two-way street and you have to be ready to commit and play full out.

After all that it is still almost impossible to represent every coach and client with one number so here is, in my opinion, a reasonable expectation of what you will need to invest with a business coach.

Based on a small business owner having 1 hour a week for 6 months.

£3600 - £6000 | £150 - £250 per hour

There are of course coaches who charge a lot more and a lot less. This is to just give you a guide, a flavour of what it would likely cost.

The point of this article was to demonstrate that it does all depend on many things however most importantly it depends on you.

Coaching is really powerful and does have life-changing effects for many people. Some do argue that having a coach is as necessary as having a website, you don't have to get yourself a coach of course but you also don’t have to have a website!!

Listen to their previous client's testimonials and what they say, check you are a fit for each other and confirm the budget. If you are prepared to put in the work, dig deep and treat this experience as an investment I am sure you will have an amazing journey and adventure as well as see big results in your business.

I do hope that this has given you some insight into selecting a business coach and what to expect.

Truth is not everyone can work with everyone so trust your gut and take a leap of faith, it might just change your life.

David Greenaway ✌

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