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A big part of how I work uses my years of experience building companies in a very practical way.  When I see that people don’t know what they don't know, providing a clear and pragmatic answer helps them identify clear and actionable plans


With my knowledge and experience and willingness to get to grips with whatever is front of mind for people, I become the sounding board and advisor always only a call away.  

What often happens is I build people up so that they can go on to great things they never thought possible. They see that they are 'in their own way' and together we move them out of the way. 


You see, I'm known for caring for people and making people feel important and valued. What people know about me is that I've got their back.


I've been known as the go-to guy the expert but really what's more important is that I help people become unstuck,  I help people know that they can create on their terms and I help people see how powerful they really are.

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The people I work with make a significant and crucial difference in other people's lives.


They lean into their gifts and experiences with courage and serve others first. They always give so generously of their time, wisdom and caringness that they often forget to take care of themselves.


You see, when you are a real giver in the world and truly care, it can feel very difficult to ask to be valued through the expression of money.

Whether you are a solopreneur starting out or have been going for a while we are still all human with human challenges and fears.

 I understand what drives you and I understand what holds you back and if you want someone on your team who's got your back call me we'll talk.

Sometimes I'm a coach, sometimes I'm an expert and sometimes a trusted advisor but beneath all of that...

I've got your back.

What keeps you up at 3am?

Fear is a part of my life as it is with everyone. I fear many things and some fears have become a reality. To have fear does not mean I am scared, you see we can be fearful and still do things anyway because the outcome is greater than the reason not to do something. 

That's what Courage looks like.


Over time these fears have changed, I have learnt to be at peace with them and realise they never go away, its how I handle them that is important.


Do any of these fears sound familiar to you?


  • Failing at almost everything.

  • Not being good enough.

  • Not enough money.

  • No one will want to work with me.

  • The unknown, what will happen to me?

  • What will people think of me?

  • I need to make some money.

  • I don't want to let my family down. 

  • Do I have what it takes to succeed. 

  • Why would anyone listen to me

  • there are many more...

As you read the above I expect some, if not all, feel familiar and very real for you right now. You see I get it, I understand and I know how to work through them. It has taken years and a lot of suffering along the way but today I still fear all of the above I just know how to handle it and do it anyway.


I have been 'coaching' my whole life and not ever realised it. I have fond memories of teaching kids how to play cricket and watching as they learn to love the game and play it well. What a feeling it is, a sense of achievement and pride. It was not until recently that I understood what skills I was honing and learning as I taught the forward defensive to many a kid. 🏏

There has always been a element of helping others to learn new skills and overcome perceived impossible obstacles in my life. One of my biggest achievements was gaining my 2nd Dan Black Belt in kickboxing and building an extremely successful kickboxing school. Standing at the front of a room of 50 people looking for my exact guidance and following my every direction is very daunting and exciting. I will never forget when one of my first students, Claire, got her black Belt, so much pride and chuffedness. Sharpening my skills even more to become the person I am today. 🥊

Vintage Light Balls

Let me tell you about the time I failed spectacularly. Over a decade of literally blood, sweat and tears I built a franchise leading car body shop. A business created to work without me, a team built to serve the customers powerfully and a sales and marketing machine creating more and more work. We were buzzing and growing, life was good!

Then a contract ended and needed renewing. Basically the new contract was very one sided and wanted to take all the profit I was making for the franchisor and shareholders which left me with a lot less. Needless to say I was not amused so I contested it, we all fell out and I decide to go it alone and went about rebranding and changing the company, fast.


That was a big mistake - the non compete clauses and various amendments over the years left me in a pickle. A big pickle to be honest.


Within 3 weeks of the 'new' business I was hit with a pretty scary solicitors letter, then all the creditors got spooked and called everything in against the personal guarantees. That's when it got really bad, the keys were taken off me, bank accounts frozen, insolvency lawyers wanting large fees when I had nothing left to give. I'll admit I cried a number of times as I felt it all being taken away and the depth of the debt and responsibility hit me like a sledge hammer. 

There is no fairy tale ending, the business went and I ended up with nothing and months of being extremely scared and worried about my family and our future. It had wiped us out financially and it took a chunk of my confidence and self belief for good measure. Writing about it now brings all the feelings flooding back and got to say its not easy to do. 


There you have it, I failed spectacularly but I'm still here, stronger, more determined and with a lot more courage than ever before.


It's true that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. 

The people I work with make a significant and crucial difference in other people's lives. They lean into their gifts and experiences with courage and serve others first with no expectation of a return.