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Lorraine Hogg

So I wasn’t sure if I’d been working with David long enough to write a testimonial when he asked me to but I can share my experience so far .

First of all you probably want to know what he’s like!  David is absolutely lovely. Not a whiff of coaching guru ego, about him. His feet are firmly planted on the ground and he really cares about YOU. I felt instantly supported and that is exactly what I need.

He kindly gave me a free first session so that instead of explaining what happens  and how he works, I got to experience it. I really liked that, I was sure of what I was buying into before I parted with a penny or made any commitment.

David may be lovely but before you know it he’s got you breaking out of comfort zones and making progress in ways you didn’t even know you needed to! He calls you out on your limiting patterns but always in an encouraging and positive way.

 He makes you feel that you can do anything and that its all possible.

Personally I’m astonished at what has happened in just three sessions.

During lockdown I started running plant based cleanses. They are popular,  results are fantastic and I knew from the continuously positive feedback that I was onto something good.

He explained to me that what I had done was create a job for myself , a job that was burning me out, rather than a business.

Penny dropped and since then I have made some pretty major changes.

Major changes that were actually very simple . This is where his expertise as a successful businessman shines through.  I had no idea that I could make those changes or even that I needed to.

He’s guiding me through a process and I’m feeling really good about it all. Its still early days but there’s a big shift, people are noticing it too. I’m very excited.

David keeps me on track when I get overwhelmed or go off at a tangent. I’m really creative and great at coming up with brilliant ideas . Getting it done is harder. He reigns me in and gets me to do things one step at a time. I’ve achieved more in a few weeks than I have in the couple of years since I started. Just by having a plan, slowing down, making it all relevant and most importantly knowing that someone has my back when I need it.

Something else has happened. David’s sparked something new in me A sense of ambition that I never knew I had, that Ive never experienced before.

I’m definitely thinking bigger.

Cant wait to find out what happens next !

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