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Lisa LLoyd

I was a psychologist and psychotherapist branching into new territory. I wanted to do amazing things without really knowing what they were or how to go about them! It’s Time for Change had become pigeon holed by traditional perceptions about mental health and wellbeing, and I had bigger dreams. It became apparent that I was missing the business insights and confidence that I needed to focus my efforts for the best return, financially and personally. 

I hadn’t thought about using the support of a coach. I thought I’d find my own way but I realised that to make an impression on my dream, I needed to be more business savvy. It was when I witnessed the transformation in a business colleague who started working with Dave, did I realise I needed him in my life!

Some of my first anxious words when being introduced were “I’m not a typical business person and I might not take it as seriously as you think I should.” In other words my work had to fit around other commitments, and I didn’t want to work evenings or weekends! Instead of surprise, Dave agreed with my priorities and he kept them front of mind in our work together. I also felt vulnerable about my lack of business knowledge but I found that I could be authentic, without ever any sense of judgement, and in contrast, we laugh a lot! 

What soon became apparent was how easy Dave is to talk to. But we’re both so down to earth that I have really enjoyed our sessions. What made a significant difference was Dave’s approach that mirrors mine… no one approach fits all. So he avoids a specific coaching model and instead draws on his expertise and experience to really get to grips with whatever I throw at him. Dave is so practical that I have been able to ask him anything and he is happy to provide direct answers, practical advice and hands-on-help, providing much more than just coaching. I very much value Dave’s willingness to be a sounding board, advisor and problem solver, with every aspect of my business.  We have sat in my kitchen, both scratching our heads over particularly tricky challenges, very much as a team. 

I have also really valued Dave’s speed to respond to any query between our sessions. His willingness to jump on a call if I’m feeling stuck makes a world of difference; I never feel alone. Whatever my dilemma, Dave is able to offer a really valuable perspective that always helps me make sense of what I’m doing to move forward. 

Dave provides a refreshing take on business that challenges traditions about how to plan, the need to focus on a particular sector (I focus on people!) or how to go about sales.  It more accurately reflects me and my company, being  ‘real’ and focusing on genuine relationships and language, that really resonates with me.

With Dave’s help I have been able to create a strong brand, a level of credibility in the business world, confidence about what I do and how to communicate that. I have greater clarity about what I do and what I don’t. I have shaped It’s Time for Change to be exactly what I want it to be, working only with people I like (both with collaborations and clients) and I’ve been invited to engage with amazing opportunities that reflect the ever-evolving nature of my company. I am proud to say that I now work with some incredible leaders, with companies who really care about their people to help them become the best they can be for their people. I make a real difference to people and I love that. My mantra, get people right to get business right, also fits with what Dave has done for me. He has helped me become who I am today so that my business has thrived. 

I continue to use Dave’s support as and when I need it and I believe I always will. I can honestly say the difference in It’s Time for Change is so significant that it has transformed me as an individual too, in terms of my confidence and excitement about my business. The world really is my oyster and with Dave’s support, I’ve come across some real pearls. I now hold my own in the world of work culture, leadership and mental wellbeing, but I know that Dave will always have my back.


Every small business owner who is looking to develop needs Dave in their life!

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