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Jen Evans

I came to work with Dave through a recommendation from another small business owner, who had worked successfully with  Dave for a number of years. I had started my business in the middle of the Covid Pandemic and felt like I really needed some guidance from someone in the know. Never having been self employed before I had huge gaps in my knowledge. I gave Dave a ring and instantly felt like this was someone who was very knowledgeable and that I could talk to


My business wasnt moving in the right direction, I didn't know where I was going wrong. From working with Dave my business is now developing in the right direction, I have expanded my business to another area. I am looking to expand it further with Daves help next year.


It is difficult running a business on your  own , in areas you have no interest in, no experience of and perhaps out of your comfort zone, Dave will challenge you to evolve in terms of learning and conquering the multi facets required to run your  business,  which has the great bonus of developing you as a person to live a better day to day life. Highly recommend.

Get in touch with Jen she has magic in her hands.

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