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I've Got Your Back

Most businesses and their owners struggle with the same things and often for the same reasons.​

​I understand how it feels to be stuck and unsure of what to do next. So many questions, so many things you want to know and learn which all can seem very overwhelming.​

You want to do more, be more and serve more people. There may be fears and limiting beliefs blocking your progress that keep you stuck where you are. 

Many of my client's tell me that they are feeling paralysed by lack of money, growth or even purpose which I totally empathise with. I know those feelings all to well. 

So what do you do Dave?

Think of me as your guide, a hand on your shoulder, sometimes pushing you on and other times leading the way for you but always pointing you in the right direction for you. Using practical learning, teaching and all my experiences as well as messing with your thinking so your world can change in a heartbeat.​

Our work together is you having your own trusted advisor with a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you grow. ​A sounding board to bounce ideas around, a shoulder to cry on and turn to when it all feels hopeless. ​

Our work together will allow you to realise your real value and get it, go further than you ever thought possible, help more and more people and stand up for your counterintuitive points of view.

How does it work?

I often get asked "what is the agenda or the programme?" and I always reply "ask me at the end of the session."​

You see, you are my agenda and whatever is at the front of your mind and needs doing is what we work on. Trust me, we will never run out of things to work on.

However there are cornerstone areas we will dive deeply into to move you forward in the business so that your mindset and business move together in unison. 

What will we work on?

  • Vision

  • Strategy

  • Mindset

  • Skillset

  • Energy

  • Courage

  • BEing

  • Client Creation 

  • Clarity

  • Marketing

  • Charging what you're worth

  • and lots more...


Whether you are starting out, going from a job to a business or ready to scale and grow I can help you. You see, because there is no strict programme or course to follow we address many of the above as we go and it is always important to have the freedom to work from the front of your mind. 

You know those times there is just a challenge, a decision, an opportunity that needs attention- then that's what we do.

This is literally having your back. 

A wonderful by-product of our time together is a true and very real relationship with no fear of judgment or needing to hold back our thoughts. A relationship that you probably don't have with anyone else. You will have a coach, a trusted advisor a trainer, a sounding board, someone who

believes in you no matter what and most of all

I've Got Your Back.

What are your fees?

My fees are not an hourly rate - I don't charge by the hour, that's too restrictive and does not reflect the massive value I bring. So, all the packages are priced to reflect what I believe will ensure you are committed to the work and is an investment in yourself and your dreams.  


Make no mistake this is a commitment not only in money, but in time, energy, showing up, persistence and patience. Our time will become the most important time in your week, the 2 of us fully focused on you and your success.

What's more important than that!


What is required of you?


  • Our time is sacred

  • Energy

  • Showing up fully 

  • Commitment - Real commitment

  • Persistence 

  • Patience

  • An open mind

  • Taking Action


You will have a coach, a trusted advisor an educator, a sounding board, someone who believes in you

no matter what and most of all

I've Got Your Back.


  • 2 sessions monthly 1-1 time on video call. 

  • Email support (Biz hrs)

  • Introductions when appropriate

  • Minimum term 8 months



£345 monthly


  • 4 sessions monthly 1-1 | Video & face to face (location dependent)

  • Email & tel support (Biz hrs)

  • Introductions when appropriate.

  • Privy Council

  • Minimum term 8 months



£595 monthly


  • 4 sessions monthly 1-1 | Video & face to face (location dependent)

    • Coaching small group/team members​ (TBA)

  • Email & Tel support. (Biz hrs)

  • Introductions when appropriate.

  • Privy Council

  • Concierge/Sounding Board

  • Minimum term 8 months 


£995 monthly

The next step is simple.
Coaching is not conceptional, it is experiential. 

Book 20 mins below & experience it for yourself 

Don't worry, there is ZERO obligation. 

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It all starts with 20 minutes.

We start with a 20 minute conversation. 

It's pretty simple to be honest, we spend 20 minutes together and

ill ask you 6 questions. 

It really is that simple!

If at the end of our time we both think we would like to talk more we can block out a bigger chunk of time to go deeper.

This call is NOT:

👉 A sales pitch.  
👉 The first steps on any programme.
👉 The solution to all your challenges.

👉 NOT a sales pitch.  



All I ask is you turn up with an open mind and 20 minutes blocked out and we talk.

Lets Talk 👇

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