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Helen Joy

I have worked with David for a few years now, and I know I am in safe hands. Safe doesn’t mean that I don’t get out of my comfort zone regularly or that I am not nudged to uncover hidden beliefs holding me back.

Safe means that I know that everything he asks and does is coming from a place of genuine care for me and my business.

David has walked the walk; he’s been successful and worked his way through the challenging times, just like we all do. And the wisdom that comes with that experience is priceless.

He understands business on a practical, experienced level, which means that I benefit from that in every conversation. He knows the mistakes we make, the lies we tell ourselves and the fears that we hide behind. And he has an incredible ability to gently (mainly) help you pick back the layers until you are staring it straight in the face.

And when you do, it’s not scary because he is right there beside you, encouraging and supporting you as you take steps beyond your comfort zone.

David doesn’t walk you through a ‘six-stage programme’ or a forced schedule. He picks up on what is at the heart of your problem and works through that. His vast experience and ongoing personal learning and development mean that you get an ever-evolving perspective on your issues alongside a generous and supportive champion who cares about your business almost as much as you do.

Get in touch with Helen, she is amazing.

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