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Pick My Brain.

You may not want committed monthly coaching and don't need handholding just need setting off in the right direction in a one off session.

Many of my clients often just have 1 or 2 things they want to work on in their sessions. Problems to solve, they are at a cross roads, can't make a decision, lacking confidence and clarity or just feeling lost and stuck.... that's what we work on.

Thing is I work on what ever is at the front of your mind right there and then, 2 people laser focused in that moment. What might seem insurmountable right now often dissolves away with practical solutions as well as shift in your thinking that can change your world.

With my wealth of experience of business and coaching many people through all manner of challenges I have realised I have a gift to be able to come up with ideas and solutions as well as mess with peoples thinking and perspective.


Often you have many of the answers you just don't know how to uncover them and make them real or how to trust yourself. Together we draw it all out and set you off in the right direction.. 


So what ever it is your facing I can help, all you have to do is pick my brains and together we create the solutions you so desire and maybe more. 

Want to proceed - contact me 👇  

  • Ill send  some questions for you to complete, 

  • We book the time together. 

  • 90 - 120 mins Video session.

  • There will be a plan born from the session so we will have email follow up to check in. 

What I require of you:

  • You turn up fully committed with time blocked out

  • Only cancel if the world is on fire. (This is all about you, commit to it fully)

  • Payment made in full.

I have a No refund policy as I love to work with people who play full out.

If your In you're In - It's called commitment. 


Thanks for submitting!