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Endless River

Alan Creedon

"I'm one of those people who have always had a cynical view about making money, the idea that 'success' is a dirty word and I'm better off being how I am. I worked in minimum wage jobs most of my life and in stressful jobs where I want to make a difference. When I started talking with David I felt sceptical. "How does he know me?' I thought. How can he help me, he doesn't understand my world. But as it turns out that didn't matter.

I've learned a lot through working with David and it's only been a few months. The biggest thing I'm learning is to trust myself and that what I am bringing to the world is genuine and heartfelt. It's not about sales, it's not about pushing and pushing, even though that sometimes is a factor. The end game is feeling fulfilled and sharing my gifts with the world in a way that feels good for me. David helps me do that.

I see my confidence growing and my perceived barriers are no longer holding me back. It was the right time for me but also because David 'has my back' I feel that. It's support, it's encouragement - sometimes simple things like that make all the difference.

Since working with David I have opened up possibilities for myself and have made great strides into my first year of self-employment, since retraining as a mindfulness teacher and guide. I love the work and it makes a difference to me, being able to contribute to others' well being. Through working with David though I see bigger possibilities for me and my work and fewer barriers to reaching more people. So much of this journey is about confidence, for me. It's about growing into a space that feels right; right amount of challenge, right amount of space - that's what I'm aiming for. As it turns out, money can be a motivator but it's only one ingredient. The key part is to create a strong vision and David is helping me get there.

We don't know what we don't know and for me, right now there is a whole lot of uncertainty but also so many possibilities. With David it takes two. You do the work, he has your back. Simple."

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