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Adele Fowler

Before I started to work with Dave, my business was established but it certainly wasn't thriving. I was trying allsorts of things but nothing seemed to be working quick enough to make a real tangible difference. I wanted more clients, more money and a better lifestyle, simple as that but I did not know where to start or how to 'sell' myself.


It's really important for me when looking for a business coach that I can have an open, honest conversation and feel comfortable laying the bones of my business bare. Dave took time to understand my business and was very quick to give me a plan on how to start not only selling my services better but also how to build on the foundations I had made. The difference was immediate. More money coming in, but also he gave me the courage to make significant changes to how I run my business, like embracing technology with booking and payment systems. Even though I am a mirco business, I always get compliments on how professionally my business is run. I just want my clients to have a great customer experience from start to finish and they certainly get that.


I think the biggest thing is that I got over my hang up on 'selling myself'. Selling your expertise is not a negative! Dave gave me the confidence to understand I am an expert and I should take control and not be afraid to share my advice with my clients by telling them what they need as far as a treatment plan.


Dave gave me the confidence to push my business not just to the next level, but it is unrecognisable from where it was when we first met. He has pushed me out of my comfort zone on so many occasions that I have stopped counting! We've laughed, I've cried, but it's been an amazing journey to date! He's always the first person I turn to in a crisis, he's my biggest cheerleader when celebrating my successes and always a fantastic sounding board.


Thanks Dave! It's been emotional (mainly on my part, sorry about that!) but I've loved every second! Super excited to see where this crazy journey takes us next!

Get in touch with Adele she is a gifted healer.

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