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 If you're a business owner I've got your back. If you're starting out on your business adventure, I've got your back. If you're successful and you're ready for the next level of success, I've got your back. I understand what drives you and I understand what holds you back and if you want someone on your team who's got your back call me we'll talk. Sometimes I'm a coach, sometimes I'm an expert and sometimes a trusted advisor but beneath all of that... I've got your back.

Bridging the gap between your creativity & your business.

Stop hustling & start building your business on your terms.

Have the Courage to go after your dreams.

Stop chasing goals and set your compass and improve your systems.

Practical & pragmatic answers.

Straight answers with the tools and systems behind them so you can take action.

The best way to find out what its like to work with me is to hear from some of those who already do. 

My story is their story.


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Its Time for Change - Chartered Psychologist


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Optimum Body Sports Massage


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Opening Doors Consultancy


Do you want a default future or are you ready to take steps to create the future you really want?

This man is a legend which is why I asked David Greenaway to contribute to this mini-series on burnout, having benefitted from his coaching support when rethinking my own company a couple of years ago. Your focus on putting ourselves and our families first, David, really aligns with my values and I loved that realistic approach to work and doing what feels right for us personally. You are so nurturing and a real breathe of fresh air in a space that is filled with people pushing harder.

Lisa Loyd
Chartered Psychologist

David was recommended to me a couple of months ago by my very inspiring sister in law. I have had a few hours of time working with David (and I continue to work with him too). In that short time he has enabled me to redefine my business and get absolutely clear about my business objectives. I have taken SOOO much action since our first session and got 3 new clients, paying me at the value driven rate I had craved. I love his approach. I appreciate being 'given it straight'. My time is precious and we do not beat around the bush. We get stuff done. Together we get clear about my business objectives and I then go away and implement them, with renewed vigour and energy. Thanks Dave. If you want help with your message and pitching to 'bigger' clients, or a system of how to close a deal- Dave is your man. If you want to stand out from the crowd and be able to share your gifts with the world with ease- Dave is your man. Enjoy your time with him. You're welcome!

Beth Creedon
Life Coach

David has been mentoring me for almost two years in my business. He has been instrumental in pushing my business to the next level. The change in my business has been phenomenal - significant increase in clients, profits soared, and reputation of business rocketed! Thanks David - looking forward to celebrating further successes with you!

Adele Fowler
Sports Massage Therapist

The people I work with make a significant and crucial difference in other people's lives. They lean into their gifts and experiences with courage and serve others.


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